Commercial Cleaning Services

Green Commercial Cleaning


We use Clean Training SystemClean Check®, a thorough, cost-effective program that trains employees to keep a facility clean and compliant. CleanCheck® modules cover basic and advanced topics for cleaning a variety of areas including restrooms, hard floors, carpet, etc. Safety modules ensure OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, and GHS compliance.

Janitorial Services

Our system of janitorial services was made with passion, dedication, and quality. Each one of our cleaning technicians is well trained and prepared to take on even the largest and most demanding cleaning jobs. We have been proud to serve many elementary schools, colleges, and universities in South Florida. Our number one priority is to provide a safe and allergen-free space for anyone who spends time in the buildings that we service.

For more information about our Professional Janitorial Services, please do not hesitate to call us at 954.601.5082 or fill out our Service Request Form.

Commercial Floor Care

We offer first class stripping and waxing of vinyl and linoleum flooring for corporate buildings, shopping centers, high rises, schools, country clubs and small businesses. Our team utilizes the latest cleaning equipment, floor care techniques, and supplies to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and high standards of cleanliness.

Marble Care: Professional cleaning service for fine stone floors such as terrazzo, crema marfil, travertine, saturnia, and granite is important to keeping the stone looking new and for protecting the surface from stains and scratches. Restoration is the key to longevity. Trust GGreen Cleaning Solutions to deliver superior specialty results.

Carpet Care: Complete and comprehensive carpet cleaning and shampooing is another specialty service we offer. Since carpets can be a host for moisture problems and mold growth, we at GGreen Cleaning Solutions have developed a Green Cleaning Carpet Care Program that uses state of the art green cleaning products to eliminate these hazards and focus on removing all stains and dirt.

Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring: Without regular floor cleaning and maintenance, wear and tear can break down the surface of vinyl and linoleum flooring, dulling the shine and causing discoloration. GGreen Cleaning Solutions offers periodic, weekly, monthly, and quarterly service to restore the surface of floors and protect them from scratches and abrasions. We offer buffing, stripping, waxing, and sealing.

Tile & Grout Cleaning: Regular cleaning of tile floors prevents unsightly stains and discoloration. GGreen Cleaning Solutions uses only top of the line products for the highest quality results.

Tile & Grout Restoration: GGreen Cleaning Solutions restores ceramic, porcelain, Mexican tile, and grout for superior results and long lasting protection. We use steam extraction and detailed cleaning techniques to remove dirt and stains built up from wear and tear.

Grout Staining: Grout Staining is a process our GGreen Cleaning Solutions professional floor technicians offer for that NEW look. Combined with tile Cleaning and sealing, tile floor will look new again!

Tile and Grout Sealing: Sealing the tile floor after it has been cleaned is an important step toward long lasting protection. GGreen Cleaning Solutions uses only eco-friendly cleaning products, leaving the space non-toxic and unharmful.

For more information about our commercial floor care, please do not hesitate to call us at 954.601.5082 or fill out our Service Request Form

Window & Pressure Cleaning Service

GGreen Cleaning Solutions offers pressure cleaning and window washing for the removal of tough dirt and grease from porous or rough surfaces. Through a combination of highly specialized equipment and high-performance chemicals, surfaces are restored to their original appearance. We also offer pressure cleaning and window washing with biodegradable products, making the process entirely organic. For more information about our Window & Pressure Cleaning Service, please do not hesitate to call us at 954.601.5082 or fill out our Service Request Form.

Partnered Pest Control

GGreen Cleaning Solutions has partnered with an expert pest control company. No one should have to deal with pesky insects in their place of business. Make your place of business a healthy and happy environment for everyone and have one of our partnered pest control experts come out to eliminate your problem. We take great pride in our business and would only suggest the best pest control pros! Contact us for more information.

Other Services

  • Emergency Services
  • Trash & Waste Removal
  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Special Event Services
  • Porter & Grounds Keeping
  • Partnered Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Light Bulb Replacement